Teach Peace Build Peace Movement Celebrated Good Deeds Day

The Teach Peace Build Peace Movement (TPBPM), in partnership with the Armed Forces of the Philippines, celebrated Good Deeds Day on April 10.

Good Deeds Day is an annual celebration of an organization named Giving Way, which put into practice the idea of “every person can do a good deed and create a positive impact,” as stated on the Good Deeds Day’s website.

According to Sarah Lumang, Convener for Volunteers of the TPBPM , this is the first time the Good Deeds Day was celebrated here in the Philippines, which they named as PAGIBIG Day.

TPBPM volunteers walked along the different streets of Quezon City to hand out goodies such as peace cookies and cupcakes to random individuals, and also some flowers and cards.

Some volunteers also went inside the  wards of AFP Medical Center, to give the goodies, flowers, and cards to the confined soldiers.

TPBPM Volunteers give a confined soldier a rose and engaged in a conversation with him. Photo Source: Teach Peace Build Peace Facebook Page

There were also those who volunteered to paint the walls along Kalayaan Avenue with designs that promote peace-building.

Photo Source: Teach Peace Build Peace Movement Facebook Page


“It’s really a conglomeration of people who have the passion to help bring a culture of peace,” Lumang said.

“A lot of people think when you say peace, it’s about war, but for us, peace is encompassing. It’s a way of life. It covers the people, the environment,” she added.

TPBPM aims to raise Peace Heroes who will establish peace among people of different backgrounds, e.g. religion and race. They spread their advocacy through mural paintings, shirt designs, and conducting seminars in workplaces.

According to Lumang, the organization will also launch books on how to promote peace.

To know more about the Teach Peace Build Peace Movement, visit their website on www.teachpeacebuildpeace.org

They can also be reached through their mobile number 09158480230.


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