Love, your Non-Voter, Know-it-All

It has been a dragging campaign season– heartbreaking headlines for breakfast, unethical actions for lunch, and fear for our motherland for dinner. As a teenager who is politically-aware and aspires for systematic change just like all of you, I beg to ask this question:  Are these impediments the prologue to a last, good supper, or  are they just course starters for actual progress?

While it is known to most of us that we live under a democracy, we are unknowingly letting ourselves be at war with others. Our democracy may not be perfect, but that’s the whole concept of it– to make us realize that we have a contributing part to building, or in this case, rebuilding our nation. We might be different in terms of ideas, beliefs, statuses, and preferences; however, if we create social demarcations, especially when it boils down to what voters and non-voters can do, then this country is already at stake.

Truly enough, non-voters are not given the utmost privilege to vote and add to the total count; however, we can still make ourselves count. We might not be tallied and registered,  but that doesn’t necessarily mean that we can’t contribute to the stances of people. We are all stones thrown into a body of water, we can all make a ripple effect.

To my fellow non-voters, do not perceive  yourselves as the number cancelled out in an equation in order for it to be balanced. We are part of the equation, and we ought to be included in the process of finding the answers that would destroy the chains binding us from acting as a unit, and not as cronies and apathetic citizens.

We still have a few more days until the game changer. To the non-voters: Continue voicing out your opinions in a good manner,  try your best to distribute credible information to those in the grassroots level, observe what can still be done, and involve yourselves through open forums, discussions, news reports, and EVEN personal interactions. Having a say is one of the best things that we can ever possess. As man tends to be blind at times, another man’s purpose is to bring back sense to him/ her before it is too late.

To the voters: Keep in mind that what we need is not just a change of man,  but also a change in man. Choose a leader who would practice proper rule of law, maintain international relations, respect his/her constituents, uphold social ethics, and reiterate our obligations as citizens. Participate without hesitation, become aware, instead of just blindly believing.

Our times may be composed of discrepancies and ever-changing ideas, but on the day that would decide how our lives would turn out to be for the next  6 years, maybe we should try to set aside this heated cook off, and let our choices be worthy enough to prepare a feast that would not only give us total gratification, but also the change and improvement that we have been craving for.

“Strike while the iron is hot.”


Your Non-Voter, Know-it-All




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