“Kompyuter Ko Pahiram Ko” : Promoting Computer Literacy Through Volunteerism

With the objective of promoting computer literacy in rural communities in the country, the Rotaract of STI College Makati launched its program entitled “Komputer Ko Pahiram Ko.”

The program is facilitated by volunteers installing computer learning centers in barangays in Batangas, and teaching residents on how to use them. These computers come from donations and are usually old, second-hand and defective but were recycled to function normally.



The group is targeting three barangays namely:  Barangay San Miguel, Barangay San Nicholas and Barangay Balatbat which are located in Lobo, Batangas.

The group installed their first computer learning center in Barangay San Miguel. The center has now on its possession, 8 working computers, 1 printer, and computer books. Materials were also installed for the e-learning library. The center will serve also at least 5 nearby elementary schools equivalent to almost 600 students.

Hoping that the project would be sustainable, the volunteers, who were all students tapped the members and officials of the barangay council and taught them computer skills. The members of the barangay council are now the ones supervising and implementing the literacy programs which the club started.

To date, the club already served more than 50 public elementary and high schools, 25 depressed communities, 4850 elementary and high school students, 2300 street children, 450 public elementary and high school teachers, 300 private employees and 80 government officials.

The program started in 2005 with the street children of Makati, Pasay, and Manila as its beneficiaries.

Currently, the group is aiming to install ten more computer learning centers in the areas of Quezon Provines and Mindoro, which should be completed by the end of 2017.

The Rotaract Club of STI College Makati is sponsored by the Rotary Club of Pasay Silangan. The organization is continuously looking for more volunteers to join the program.

Interested volunteers may contact Elean Trazona at 09985573215.





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