One PhilPrint On-The-Spot Essay Writing Competition




One PhilPrint On-the-Spot Essay Writing Competition

The Printing Industry Board Foundation, Inc. (PIBFI), a premiere umbrella organization of various major players in the Philippine printing industry, invites current college students (male or female) enrolled in any course and any year level, to join its “On the Spot Essay Writing Contest” to be held on Saturday, September 3, 2016, 2:00 P.M., at the World Trade Center,  Pasay City, Metro Manila.



“Unified Philippine printing industry towards ASEAN Integration”


The on-the-spot essay writing contest will start at 2:00 P.M. and end at 4:00 P.M. sharp.

All participants must be at the venue (World Trade Center, PIBFI Exhibit site) for briefing at least 30 minutes (1:30 p.m.) prior to the scheduled start of the contest.



  1. Those who would like to join the contest must download the attached entry form, accomplish it and submit the same to any of the following e-mail addresses: (1); (2); or
  2. Contestants must fill up all the information required in the entry form which not only includes the contestant’s personal information details but also the name, e-mail address and phone no. of a teacher or counselor who can verify the authenticity of the contestant’s personal details.

Deadline for registration/submission of entry forms:  August 24, 2016.

  1. Each contestant can submit only one entry. No entry fee is required.
  2. For inquiries, interested parties may call the Event Organizer, Elements Marketing & Advertising Services, tels. 63(2)7751992 (Karen) or 0917-5827118 (Kathy); Ms. Cristy Manuel, tel. 713-0902 (PIBFI Secretariat) or Mrs. Lolita Guilas, Event Coordinator, Mobile Nos. 0919-4098817 (Smart) and/or 0915-2398927 (Globe).
  3. All essays must be done on the spot. Essays must be in English, minimum of 800–1,000 words.
  4. The specific topic will be announced during the actual competition.
  5. The competition starts as soon as the specific topic is given. Each participant will be given two (2) hours to finish the essay. The participants will be informed thirty minutes prior to the end of the competition to wrap up their essay.
  6. All essays must be handwritten, legibly please. Each contestant will be provided with sheets of ruled pad paper.
  7. The Board of Judges, composed of three (3) members will convene as a group to judge the entries and determine the winner.
  8. The winners shall be judged based on the criteria for this competition. The first, second and third place winners will be awarded based on the average scores computed by the judges. The Board of Judges’ decision is considered final and irrevocable.
  9. There will be three winners:  1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize winners.
  10. Winners will be informed morning of September 3 via text or phone call.  Prizes will be given during the awarding ceremonies on September 3, World Trade Center, Pasay City.



The judges will be looking for quality essays that merit wide attention, worthy of publication, and with new analysis, perspectives, judgments or ideas.


The contestants’ knowledge and depth of understanding about the issue/s being addressed will be demonstrated by the quality of their essays.

  • Does the essay have a creative approach to a topic or story? (20 points)
  • Do vocabulary and word usage enhance the essay? (5 points)

CONTENT (40 points)

One goal of the contest is to encourage contestants to develop their own perspective on the ASEAN regional issues. This perspective should be reflected in their analysis of a complex issue and presentation of clear, concise arguments to support their point of view.

  • Is the main idea well developed throughout the essay? (25 points)
  • Is the essay well organized? (10 points)
  • Is the point of view consistent throughout? (5 points)


The competition is designed to promote good writing as well as serious thinking. The clarity of presentation and quality of writing will also figure in the score.

  • Are spelling, capitalization, and punctuation correct? (5 points)
  • Is the sentence structure correct? (5 points)
  • Is the paragraphing appropriate? (5 points)
  • Is the essay consistent in tense? (5 points)

IMPRESSION– (15 points)

This is the “wow” factor. It allows for the subjective feeling or effects of the essay to the judges/readers due to the presence of clever ideas, wide range of vocabulary and polished style.

  1. By participating in this contest, the writer grants PIBFI the right without the need of payment to publish; to edit the work for suitable publication; and to make the piece available in the internet and other electronic media. Any essay to be published shall be with proper attribution to the writer.

First Prize:    Four Thousand Pesos (PhP4,000.00)

2nd Prize   :    Three Thousand Pesos (PhP3,000.00)

3rd Prize    :    Two Thousand Pesos (PhP2,000.00)


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