Pres. Duterte Urges Printers to Unite, Lauds Vital Role in Nurturing an Informed Citizenry

In his Message to the One PhilPrint Print and Media Show 2016 sponsored by the six-member associations under the umbrella of the Printing Industry Board Foundation, Inc. (PIBFI), which is happening on September 2-4, 2016 at the World Trade Center, Pasay City, President Duterte emphasized:  “As we gear towards ASEAN integration, may the Philippine printing industry stand united in creating premier quality products and brands that will bring in equitable economic development for our country.”

President Duterte believes that the printing industry plays a vital role in facilitating communication and disseminating information especially in the digital age.  He further points out that as the nation begins a new chapter in its history, there is a need to end misinformation arising from ignorance. He expressed the wish that the industry may have the power to nurture an educated and informed citizenry to help foster real and lasting change.

Under the theme “Unified  Philippine printing industry towards ASEAN Integration”, the show unites for the first time in years, seven major associations who worked together to mount this show of shows namely:  Association of Law Book Writers of the Philippines (ALBOP); Association of Paper Traders of the Philippines (APTP); Filipino-Chinese Printers Association (FCPAI); Philippine Educational Publishers Association (PEPA); Philippine Printing Technical Foundation, Inc. (PPTF); Printing Industries Association of Davao, Inc. (PIADI); and Screen Printing & Imaging Digital Graphics Association of the Philippines (SIDGAP).

One PhilPrint Print and Media show is under the leadership of Atty. Dominador D. Buhain, PIBFI Chairman and Mr. James L. Chiu, PIBFI Chairman Emeritus.  Atty. Buhain is also the president of ASEAN Print and Philippine Printing Technical Foundation (PPTF), Inc.  It has long been the dream of these printing industry stalwarts to establish alliances to address common concerns affecting the industry and the One PhilPrint Print & Media Show 2016 is another concrete step towards that direction.


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