Reset & Restart: Carousel Casualties


Join Carousel Casualties as its members Reset and Restart on October 21, 2016 at Mow’s Matalino St. in Quezon City. This is to celebrate their one year of music. Apart from Carousel Casualties, Autotelic, BennyBunnyBand, Rusty Machines, Runway Hits, Paranoid City, and Twin Lobster will also perform during the event.

Carousel Casualties started as a solo project in the summer of 2015. It all began when Emmie Villegas recorded a five-track EP full of unpolished demos. After that, he approached a few people to help him play the songs live.

The band had its very first gig on October 21, 2015. It was truly memorable for it was the first time for the group to play Emmie’s songs live, in full band, and in front of an audience.

Lots of things have already happened since then. Within the span of one year, there were a couple of lineup changes. The band also had a hard time keeping people playing, getting gigs, and even recording the songs properly. Even Emmie faced some challenges. At some point, he got tired, broken, and hopeless. He had to quit music for a while to focus on studies.

Eventually, he managed to muster enough courage to continue what was started. Life is like a carousel after all. Things would get better, he realized. And he wasn’t wrong all along. Things eventually went pretty stable and the efforts of those who stopped by and helped him out to make the project a success paid off.

No surprise, Carousel Casualties believes that October 21st still calls for a celebration. Although its lineup had gone through some changes, its members remain hopeful. For them, it is like being reborn. This new beginning that will allow them to restart the music that was founded a year ago and they are ready to humbly start over again.

The event starts at 8 PM. Door charge is PHP 200. RSVP here.


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