STARTUPBOAT IN MANILA: Making an impact in the community through a collaborative effort

Manila, Philippines ā€“ Impact Hub Manila introduced StartupBoat through a two-day launch on December 13 and 14, 2016. The overall aim was to build a community of creative thinkers, innovators, and entrepreneurs who are passionate to bring change in the community by developing and implementing groundbreaking ideas together.

StartupBoat Launch in the Philippines

StartupBoat was first founded in Greece by Paula Schwarz in response to the growing refugee crisis in Europe. At the end of 2015, it was reported that there are 65 million people who are either refugees or internally displaced people. In order to help them, StartupBoat brings together innovators and entrepreneurs through a think tank, from which new ideas are turned into actionable plans depending on the need or issue.

It was during the StartHubs AsiaBerlin Roadshow in Manila when Paula Schwarz (Founder of StartupBoat), Ces Rondario and LizAn Kuster (Co-Founders of Impact Hub Manila), and Ranganath Thota (CEO and Founder of Fuel A Dream India) came together and agreed on launching StartupBoat in Manila, Philippines and Bangalore, India.


In Manila, StartupBoat worked together with Impact Hub Manila and Bayer Foundations to create a platform for individuals who wish to collaborate for the collective growth of the health sector of the country. The main objective was to share, learn and contribute for an implementable action plan in 2017 for the health sector in the Philippines and to mentor startups to act as multipliers.

On the first day, organization leaders from across the Health sector were invited and gathered for the first time at Impact Hub Manila headquarters. Participants met regional innovators such as Michelle Fojas, Communications Manager of Bayer Philippines, and Celina Gracias, President of Project LAAN, who discussed the importance of innovation and entrepreneurship in healthcare in the global and local context. Moreover, the finest entrepreneurs and health innovators such as Jorge Azurin (Co-founder of and Jay Fajardo (CTO of Medifi) were invited to discuss their health initiatives. Thota came all the way from Bangalore to join and provide his insights as well.


On the second day, the participants and guest speakers sailed on a boat in Manila Bay while discussing the solutions presented the previous day. The event concluded with a decision to sail further together in building a better and sustainable community that addresses the issues of the Health sector in the Philippines.

Together we look forward to having this community grow further and follow through with all the knowledge accumulated for a greater impact in the community.


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