CCP’s Pasinaya Palihan at Palabas Accommodates Nearly 80,000 Art Enthusiasts

Article and photos by Miguel Nera                                                                                             Youthcaster, VOTY Radio                                                                    

Being the largest multi-arts festival in the country, the Cultural Center of the Philippines’ 13th annual open house festival offered an “experience-all-you-can, see-all-you-can, pay-what-you-can” encounter to 78,000 art enthusiasts, mostly millenials, last weekend, February 4-5, 2017.

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8,000 people of all ages from across the regions came to visit Manila in order to attend a variety of 30-minute workshops conducted by leading artists and teachers at different CCP venues on the first day.

“Arts for Peace,” theme for this year’s Pasinaya, was exhibited in the Palabas portion of the festival during the following day which was attended by 70,000 people. It started with a pre-show and ended with a People’s Gala.

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Chris B. Millado, Vice President and Artistic Director of CCP, mentioned, “CCP and its artists have long been engaged in the process of building bridgeways to peace through various multicultural collaborations, the expression of art forms from various cultures around the country and world, telling stories about people and communities who strive for peace.

“The CCP wishes to contribute to the government’s peace effort by amplifying the artists’ voice throughout the festival.”

The Festival also featured an Arts Market wherein a number of groups and organizations, including resident companies, were able to promote and sell their craft.

Eva Mari DG. Salvador, Department Manager III of the Arts Education Department said, “The one thing that I’m really excited about, is, for the first time, I think in a very long time, Arts is in the socio-economic agenda of this administration.

“It’s a little bit encouraging because if you will look at it, Arts is being seen as part of an economic agenda.

“Hopefully, this will continue so we can do this more across the nation and I think much of CCP’s investment twenty years ago in the regions are also now beginning to bear fruit.”

Expanding to a total of 18 partner venues, five more venues around the metro were added in order to accommodate more audiences. These include Avellana Gallery, Galleria Duemila, The Museum at De La Salle University-Manila, GSIS Museum, 98B Collaboratory in Binondo and Liwasang Balagtas in Pandacan.



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