Cheap Yet Touching Ways to Celebrate Mothers’ Day


Mothers’ Day is just one of the very important events we do celebrate annually. It’s a day wherein we can honor our mothers for all their efforts. It is a day wherein we can treat them in the most special way we can. But we do have to be realistic too. Not everyone has much amount of money to spend on this day.

Here are some of the cheap yet touching ways to celebrate Mothers’ Day:

Volunteer in cooking the food.

Most of the time, it is our mothers who do the cooking for the whole family. They never rest in fulfilling their roles of being a mother to us. Why not let her rest on her special day by volunteering to cook the food? Do it with utmost love. She would surely get touched.

Give her a massage.

We do know how they have been so tired in their daily tasks and responsibilities in life. Try giving her a massage. Use some soothing oil to make her calmly fall asleep. Pamper her with the sweetest touch of your hands.

Write her a letter.

How many times have you written a letter to your friends and special someone but never to your mom? Write her a love letter. Tell her how she means so much to you. Express all your positive emotions on each stroke. Say how much you have been so grateful for everything she has done.

Create a short film for her.

If you have a set of friends who can lend you a hand to create a video, then good. You can create a skit portraying her role as a mother. Through the video, show her how much you were able to observe all the efforts she has exerted, and how life would be so incomplete without her.

Sing her a love song.

If you can play an instrument, so much the better. If not, even if you do not have a very good voice in singing, what matters is the essence of the song. How often do you sing some love songs or even just some rock music? Why not sing for her on her day?

Honoring our mothers should actually be done every day. But we do admit, as children, we tend to overlook their efforts and only realize them during a special event such as this.

Businessmen have made out so much money from selling packages for ¬†Mothers’ Day. But the best gifts would always come from the things that we, ourselves, have done for them.


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