Discover Opportunities at the 4th Japan Education Fair and Convention

4th Japan Education Fair and Convention

What does it mean to be part of the 4th Japan Education Fair and Convention?

As Filipinos slowly embrace the abundance of the Japanese Culture; from its Language to Fashion, and Art, Japan opens its doors to the world of innovation, creativity, and progress, paving ways to greater opportunities and wider career paths.

Japan Education Fair and Convention is an annual event hosted by Jellyfish Education Consultancy with the mission to serve as a gateway for individuals to discover vast career options with the use of the Nihongo language.

The event also promotes the significance of the Japanese language in the global industry.

One can expect to learn more about the Japanese culture through its various talks, forums, workshops, fun, interactive games and educational activities that would surely bring your interest for Japan into a whole new light.

Find out about the Study in Japan programs that would help you start your dream career.

Register now to join the biggest JAPAN EDUCATION FAIR & Convention yet, Together with one of Japan’s distinguished language schools and in cooperation with its major sponsors: Japan Embassy, Japan Foundation, Fujitsu Philippines along with its media partners:, 97.9 Love Radio Cebu, Sunstar Publishing, Hero TV and Creative Voices.

Register now and get your free tickets through

Don’t miss the fun and excitement, join us for another September to remember!


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