PLMun’s Excelerate: Unleash Your Potential and Build Your Future

PLMun Excelerate

EXCELERATE: “Unleash your Potential and Build your Future” Takes place on the 27th day of March, 2018 on 11:30AM at Pamantasan ng Lungsod Muntinlupa, Audio Visual Room

This seminar event of Junior Marketing Association – PLMun is for the future marketers that will be useful to them in terms of obtaining new and fresh ideas as part of their own journey. This activity will establish awareness and knowledge how to prepare them for the future career on their chosen field. One of impact is to help them develop their marketing skills and teach them how to achieve best practices and become well equipped in marketing industry at the same time motivated, energized and ready to apply and pursue their vision to become a successful marketer.

In line with this event theme the following speakers that are eager to share their experiences and how to deliver new insights and frameworks that can help the students to make important strategic decision in life and how they can adopt new ideas and strategies in their chosen field. You can find more of our trailblazing journey on facebook and instagram @jmaplmun and twitter @jma_plmun


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