MAY 5, 2018 – With the day of the SK elections drawing nearer and today marking the start of the campaign period, the National Youth Commission are reminding the candidates that they owe the voters information  about their platforms and what they would offer to improve the difficulties of the youth in local communities; and that they should be mindful of their interactions with the voters.

ASec. Paul Pangilinan, NYC Commissioner-at-Large and NYC Committee on Governance Head, stated: “Aside from introducing themselves and talking about their backgrounds, it is also best for the candidates to conform with the prescribed campaign rules and set a good example as future youth leaders.”

It would also be for the advantage of the candidates if they were able to explain the values of electing SK officials, what they can expect from these officials, and the action plans of these officials for the benefit of the youth.

With regards to the coming election, the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) released a list of attributes that of an ideal SK/Barangay candidate:

  • MATINO – a candidate that is not corrupt and fights against all forms of illegalities
  • MAHUSAY – a candidate that has a solid plan for development and peace-making
  • MAAASAHAN – a reliable candidate that is knowledgable and able to have good planning abilities.

ASec. Pangilinan also added: “The Duterte Administration is optimistic that the reformed SK will also give birth to a new breed of youth leaders who are imbued with commitment, dedication and passion to engage the youth in meaningful participation in their communities.”

According to COMELEC, the candidates are also required to remember that campaign expenses are limited to a budget of Php 5.00 per voter.

“There are many ways to reach out to youth voters. But the most important is to give them the correct and factual information as to what it will be for them should an SK candidate gets elected.” ASec. Pangilinan said as he ended his statement.

For more inquiries and updates on the SK elections, you may reach NYC through:

  • their trunklines: 416-3415; 413-5503; 416-3570
  • their email
  • their official Facebook page
  • their official Twitter account

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