Youth entrepreneur on-call: Avída (AyalaLand) careers

Do you have extremely vibrant outlook on being part of an international sales group? Do business ventures smell like good caffeine to you? Do you have passion to stand as the next corporate representative of Avída? Avída is now hiring Corporate and International Sales Group members to embody the … [Read more...]

Stuck on a Virtual Pedestal

The last time you laughed at that average Jane, you were doodling her embarrassed face because she could not get right Basic English . Then you poked your seatmate and passed him the note containing a list of all her grammar and spelling errors. The professor had no idea you were so damn wicked … [Read more...]

“Becoming lesser of me”: Of self-assessment

“I become lesser and lesser of me every day. That’s compared to everyone else.” Comparison can be a deadly word for some. What it feels like to live everyday as a soul teeming with insecurities is terrible as we know it. The thin line between being meek and lacking self-confidence is a frizzy … [Read more...]

Gorgeously Unphotoshopped: Selected “Pretty Hurts” quotes from Solenn Heussaff and Georgina Wilson’s BESTIES Book

“Do not read beauty magazines. They will only make you feel ugly.” – The Sunscreen Song Look around, or, at least look at that corner in the supermarket where  men typically stop and daydream for a while. This is no liquor section for certain but the way they gaze at each majestic piece of … [Read more...]

Teen Ink calls poets-at-heart

Finally for all poets-at-heart, Teen Ink Magazine encourages teens to establish their verses into online reality. Be it poem of love, critical, funny, horror, and whatever length - everyone is free to submit  their works all year-round! Deadline? What deadline? This awesome folk doesn't speak of … [Read more...]

#BoomPH to take place on June 28

Social media fanatic, you say? On Saturday, June 28, 2014, we expect you to join and be part of the grand celebration for this year’s event #boomPH! in accordance with the global Social Media Day 2014. @TweetupMNL brings you the privilege of savouring the past 20 years of the remarkable internet … [Read more...]

Less is more: Flash Fiction Writing Competition

Here's the challenge: Six words. Nothing more. Nothing less. And you ought to tell "The Story of a Thing" at its magnificence. Penny Fiction features literary gods and goddesses whose passion for writing is at all devotions. With a theme of "The Object of our Desire", participants are encouraged … [Read more...]

WNYLE to organize International Workshop on Youth Leadership and Entrepreneurship

Youth innovating leadership philosophy while acing the business world: Why not? World Network of Young Leaders and Entrepreneurs (WNYLE), a pioneer organization in developing the 'learning by feeling' approach in cultivating fresh minds, launches the International Workshop on Youth Leadership and … [Read more...]

Art Revolution at Makiisa Makisining 2014

Crafting the heart of artistic majesty through cultural workshops, Makiisa Makisining 2014: Palihan sa Sining ng mga Kabataan ng Timog Katagalugan encourages Southern Tagalog youths with special potential in the field of visual arts and literary. Artists' Arrest in cooperation with Southern … [Read more...]

Poetic Republic to organize Poetry Competition 2014

poetic republic

Inviting all 16 and above youth poets internationally - if you think you have the passion and the guts to share your literary wisdom to the world, then we encourage to bring out the poet in you! Poetic Republic Limited launches annual Poetry Competition. Acknowledging the power of artistic … [Read more...]

YOUKI leads International Youth Media Festival Competition

  Youth filmmakers around the world - YOUKI's upcoming international competition is calling your attention to tape your digital prowess in motion pictures. Be it individual or group works, home or school projects, 10-26-year older youngsters are eligible to join. Please be guided that … [Read more...]

World Conference mainstreams Youth 2014

Are you a youth craving for social development? Do you think you possess all the potentials to take part on a world-based youth change? WCY appeals to all 18-29-year old young minds with all capacity of discussing issues and concerns on different agenda to join this year's World Conference on Youth … [Read more...]