Why I Gave some of my Books Away

  Photo taken by: Gilda Flores Rule 16. Write What You Read.  After reading "Robert's Rules of Writing," I decided not to follow most of the rules presented by the author since  I wanted to make my own way around them; my personal plan of action, perhaps.  Quite interestingly, the rule which … [Read more...]

Love, your Non-Voter, Know-it-All

It has been a dragging campaign season-- heartbreaking headlines for breakfast, unethical actions for lunch, and fear for our motherland for dinner. As a teenager who is politically-aware and aspires for systematic change just like all of you, I beg to ask this question:  Are these impediments the … [Read more...]

It Takes More than a Dead Man

A  few months ago, one of my professors raised this question during our discussion: “What are your standards of a good citizen?” I pondered on this particular question for so long until such time that I finally concluded that in order to answer this question, one must result to an in-depth analysis … [Read more...]

The Student of Life: Michelle Clemente

We go up on well-decorated stages with medals on our necks and certificates in our hands, we walk around with the ability to rationalize, and we continuously stand alone in this world without any fears, without any doubts, and without any separation from rose-colored glasses. The aforementioned … [Read more...]

On Voting Wisely: When a Crooked Line Tells you Otherwise

In all aspects of reality, sometimes, the only way to make a difference –a big difference, is to become different. We are all born into this world, and as that happens, we are unknowingly deemed with several rights and obligations. Rights that we can act upon under our discretion, and obligations … [Read more...]

When Age and Business Clash: Nicole Panaligan

When we think about the future, we often think about flying cars, digital food, and jet-powered shoes, but have we ever considered the future as our own? A loot, perhaps.  Something that would make us go deranged while in the process of contemplating or absolutely awestruck when the sudden … [Read more...]

The Happy Pills

Public services are usually seen as something useful and well, inevitable. Our society today revolves around three types of people: those who see things, those who think about the things they've seen, and those who actually do something about it. We can all say that we have a rising economy in both … [Read more...]

When the Sky is No Longer the Limit: YouLead’s First – Ever Project

When it comes to urban cities, we typically see several, converging roads, colorful town houses, fast crowds approaching, and sadly, a dark sky. These may all seem normal since we are all down below and the sky is just another limit for us. But now, as a new morning has dawned upon the Youth Leaders … [Read more...]

Of Better Lives and Bigger Dreams: Angelo Casimiro

Some might say it’s been a good life, but for some, life itself is only just beginning. Progress nowadays is an entity that we have been weighing on the wrong scale, the idea of buildings soaring up high and cars travelling faster than the speed of light has corrupted our minds of what truly … [Read more...]

Lack Attacks: 5 Study Hacks for Every Student

School days are back and mixed emotions are all out, some might actually look forward to discovering new things as they enter a whole new year level while some might still hold on to the season of summer.  Howbeit, school does not have to be generally boring all the time, it does not have to go with … [Read more...]

Still Screened

When you're a writer, you should learn how to carefully observe things, get their meanings, and transform your thoughts into words. Earlier today, I was sitting at a restaurant that was known as a family restaurant. While I was waiting for the food to come, I had the slightest observation - … [Read more...]

Justice is the Real Hero

Shots are fired and yet no one, not even a single soul, has been wounded by the bullets. Is this the life that we have been living? A life that puts priority in the majority instead of propagating equality? I believe that life is never unfair to anyone simply because it is unfair to everyone. But … [Read more...]