Why I Gave some of my Books Away


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Rule 16. Write What You Read. 

After reading “Robert’s Rules of Writing,” I decided not to follow most of the rules presented by the author since  I wanted to make my own way around them; my personal plan of action, perhaps.  Quite interestingly, the rule which caught my attention was something untypical yet paradoxical (Rule 16), and more often than not, we attempt to present our beliefs, or whatever it is we are vouching for, through contradictions and intellectual discussions. Sadly, it is through these methods that we have forgotten the need to actually do something about the predicaments that our vulnerable counterparts are facing.

Write what you read…what does it really mean?  I decided to take this into action instead of just formulating what could be a fallacious reaction.

Meet May (pseudonym).


At some point of this term,  I was given the opportunity to be a student-teacher in my university’s alternative  learning  system. I thought I knew what I was getting myself into; however, the turnout of events proved me otherwise.

I was tasked to teach business ethics and proper etiquette. Right after the first discussion, we grouped the students and asked them to prepare a skit wherein they would portray the different manners that were taught to them.

Since we wanted to the activity to be more interactive, my colleagues and I decided to help them in their preparations.

As a strategy, I tried to make them think of modern and unconventional ways on how they can re-enact the lessons–puns and all that. Despite my efforts, their ideas still clashed.  When we had about 5 minutes left before the session ends, I heard May whispering her ideas for the skit, I then told her to say them louder for the rest of the group to hear, and surprisingly enough, her idea was chosen. For some unknown reason, I felt a curve motioning on my cheek.

I have to admit that the execution of the plan did not go as expected, but, at the very least,  the members of the group had the initiative to identify their mistakes and scan their notes  again. While everybody else  was busy contemplating on the activity, May was showing optimism to everyone, especially to her group mates; telling them that there would always be a next time, there would still be  other chances.

That definitely warmed my heart.

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