Love, your Non-Voter, Know-it-All

It has been a dragging campaign season-- heartbreaking headlines for breakfast, unethical actions for lunch, and fear for our motherland for dinner. As a teenager who is politically-aware and aspires for systematic change just like all of you, I beg to ask this question:  Are these impediments the … [Read more...]

It Takes More than a Dead Man

A  few months ago, one of my professors raised this question during our discussion: “What are your standards of a good citizen?” I pondered on this particular question for so long until such time that I finally concluded that in order to answer this question, one must result to an in-depth analysis … [Read more...]

On Voting Wisely: When a Crooked Line Tells you Otherwise

In all aspects of reality, sometimes, the only way to make a difference –a big difference, is to become different. We are all born into this world, and as that happens, we are unknowingly deemed with several rights and obligations. Rights that we can act upon under our discretion, and obligations … [Read more...]