Cheap Yet Touching Ways to Celebrate Mothers’ Day

Mothers' Day is just one of the very important events we do celebrate annually. It's a day wherein we can honor our mothers for all their efforts. It is a day wherein we can treat them in the most special way we can. But we do have to be realistic too. Not everyone has much amount of money to spend … [Read more...]

That Thing Called Kilig: On Love Stories and Time Management


We live in a time saturated by passionate and star-crossed lovers in different molds and packages. Different media giants know and understands the unique fixation Filipinos have towards stories of romantic love, and they have capitalized on its earning potential. Books, television shows, radio … [Read more...]

Part-Time Jobs You Can Have While Studying

Are you a struggling student? Don't worry; you are not alone. I myself was known for being a certified raketera during my undergrad days (and I still am, actually). Since we didn't have enough money for tuition and daily expenses at school, I had to look for several part-time jobs. Now, you may … [Read more...]

Fan (Non) Fiction: What We Learned about Online Shopping

electric fan

Our housemates Ato and Je decided to move their beds outside the only bedroom in our shared apartment. Ato also had to move his electric fan (we used to share since we were just staying in one room), leaving Eboy and I with no fan to use. Having realized this, we decided to purchase our own … [Read more...]

Lack Attacks: 5 Study Hacks for Every Student

School days are back and mixed emotions are all out, some might actually look forward to discovering new things as they enter a whole new year level while some might still hold on to the season of summer.  Howbeit, school does not have to be generally boring all the time, it does not have to go with … [Read more...]

The Physics of Life

During the last few days of the New Generations Week, I was tasked to write a privileged speech. At first, my ideas were without a doubt, sprawling inside my imaginative sanctum.  That is why I decided to step out of my comfort zone to write about something that I never thought about before. … [Read more...]

YOLO: 7 Things the Youth Can Do in Preparation for the Future

YOLO or You Only Live Once. This generation has put much value in enjoying life in a manner of wasting it, when one would rather go to clubs and parties, mess up in a socialite environment, and spend the money given to them by their parents on things that actually do not have a long-term benefit at … [Read more...]

The Christmas Bucket List

It's that time of the year again,the time where bells are ringing, carolers are singing, and some are just at their humble abodes figuring out what to do for the holidays. Our childhood has been based so much on the arrival of Santa Claus that as we got older, we have forgotten the real spirit of … [Read more...]

#HellWeek Tips

While many students are now having their semestral breaks, there are some who are still dealing with the seemingly endless school requirements. Everything's pretty challenging, of course. In fact, there are times when things just get so tough that you feel like giving up. How about no? After all, … [Read more...]

Money Saving Tips for Students

It's Christmas season again. More or less, your ninongs and  ninongs lavish you again  with aguinaldos. But how will you be able to save the money you got on Christmas when classes start resume after the long cold break? Here are some tips: 1. Put it in a savings account. Even if you are still a … [Read more...]

10 Things You Can Do During the Sembreak

Fix your stuff. Gather your readings, used notebooks and papers, and organize them. Also, sort out the things you can still use and throw the ones that you won’t need anymore. Don‘t forget to recycle, too! Read the books you want. If you have been wanting to do some leisurely reading, then it … [Read more...]

Flood Safety Tips

Floods seem to be a common part of the lives of people in Metro Manila these days. Low areas, poor road conditions, clogged drainage systems--what's new? Classes get cancelled, kids swim in murky water, vehicles get stuck on the road and sometimes break down, people get stranded. Worse, some … [Read more...]