CARNIVAL: Tanya Markova + BennyBunnyBand

What do Tanya Markova and BennyBunnyBand have in common? You've got it right; both bands could make any crowd go crazy! Now, just imagine what it would be like if these two groups would collaborate in a gig--during the Halloween season. Exciting, right? The good news is that this gig is actually … [Read more...]

BBB + WATUP Present: Nagma[ma]hal Pa Rin, BennyBunnyBand

It's already been a year after the launch of BennyBunnyBand's first EP Nagmamahal, BennyBunnyBand. Lots of things have happened since then. Besides the significant growth of this kuneho rock group's fanbase, it has also captured the media's attention with its unique music and energetic live … [Read more...]

The Feeling, the Officemate, and the Wild: Tripple Music Video Launch

Love can be found in the most unexpected places, even when you don’t know it yet or when you’re not sure anymore.This February 6, 2016, at SaGuijo, we shall stitch two and two together to tell three stories definitely worth your time. The Feeling, The Officemate, and The Wild is a triple music … [Read more...]

May the Feels Be With You at WAT UP: Feels Awakens!

There has been an awakening. We know you have felt it. So come and light up your uke-sabers with us next Saturday, January 16, 2015, at the Aloha Bar and Grill, The Collective, Makati for the WAT UP: The Feels Awakens. Leading the resistance are BennyBunnyBand, Runway Hits, Dear Ava, Mae Ross, … [Read more...]

Attend WAT UP’s Year-Ender Party!

Once upon a time, in a castle full of feels and dreams, there was a family that wanted to give back. And so they organized a banquet fit for the royal hearts. They have sent a message to the whole kingdom, including the nearby towns: You are cordially invited to WAT UP THANKSGIVING x YEAR-END … [Read more...]

BennyBunnyBand and the Kuneho Rock

When we first watched BennyBunnyBand perform live at Wikalele held at Sev's Cafe last August 1, we were amazed. Benny was a real rock star. He was full of energy and he danced madly on the stage while singing and enthusiastically strumming the chords of his ukulele. In fact, we could not get over … [Read more...]