The Student of Life: Michelle Clemente

We go up on well-decorated stages with medals on our necks and certificates in our hands, we walk around with the ability to rationalize, and we continuously stand alone in this world without any fears, without any doubts, and without any separation from rose-colored glasses. The aforementioned … [Read more...]

The Happy Pills

Public services are usually seen as something useful and well, inevitable. Our society today revolves around three types of people: those who see things, those who think about the things they've seen, and those who actually do something about it. We can all say that we have a rising economy in both … [Read more...]

When the Sky is No Longer the Limit: YouLead’s First – Ever Project

When it comes to urban cities, we typically see several, converging roads, colorful town houses, fast crowds approaching, and sadly, a dark sky. These may all seem normal since we are all down below and the sky is just another limit for us. But now, as a new morning has dawned upon the Youth Leaders … [Read more...]