EnviroYouth #1: Bring Your Own Tumbler

EnviroYouth aims to involve the youth about ways on how the youth can help the environment in the simplest of ways. One of the goals of this is to create a habit for the environment among the youth that in turn would transform them to be agents of change through the habits that they do. Taking care of the environment¬†DOES NOT solely lie in the … Continue reading EnviroYouth #1: Bring Your Own Tumbler

Youth Power Radio: This is Your Show!

The Voice of the Youth Network opens a new, exciting avenue for communication students and individuals passionate with the youth and nation-building alike with its newest morning offering on air, Youth Power Radio! Hosted by Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales, Andrew San Fernando, and Ada Vina Cuaresma, Youth Power Radio provides an opportunity¬†for aspiring boradcasters, journalists, and communicators in general to practice their craft while at … Continue reading Youth Power Radio: This is Your Show!